Taco Bell"Jalapeño Noir" Wine

Taco Bell"Jalapeño Noir" Wine

A HUGE shout out to one of our amazing viewers- Brian Strang- for sending us a message and helping us with the correct positioning of the Texas and American flags on our desk!

Taco Bell is debuting its own custom wine. It makes sense to go along with all the cheese on the menu. The wine is called "Jalapeño Noir" which is paired with the Toasted Cheesy Chalupa. Would you try it?

Two in three people have said that the pandemic has turned them into more frugal people. But, what's the difference of being frugal and cheap? Kimberly & Esteban are breaking down the meanings.

In Harry Potter news, the famous beverage from the franchise, ButterBeer, is being sold online! The catch? It's only available in the United Kingdom. But, you can still get your hands on the delicious brew from the Wizarding World of Hrry Potter in California or Florida.