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Teens & Technology

Segment body: We can never talk about it enough, online safety and our teenagers. It's more important than ever they make smart choices on and offline. Parenting expert Elise McVeigh joins us with her five tips.

Tips for teens and technology:

Do not lie about your age to open any social media account. There are age limits for a reason.

Watch what post on social media – college admissions and fraternities and sororities will look at your social media. If you would not be okay with your grandma seeing it, then do not post it.

People have cameras and video capability everywhere, so be careful what you always say and do.

Do not answer a text or direct message from someone you do not know, or a message from someone you do know if it sounds suspicious at all.

Final note for teens?

When you are with other people, put your screens away. When you look at a screen, the person wonders if you are really listening to them.