The McRib is BACK!

The McRib is BACK!

Cruise giant, Royal Caribbean, is looking for volunteers who have the guts to climb aboard a cruise shipp during the pandemic in exchange for a free vacation aboard! Volunteers are being asked to sign up and join so the cruise ship can test out new Covid-19 protocols. The search begins in 2021. Would you sign up?

A third of adults admitted to feeling uncomfortable talking about sex with their partners, and on average will wait about 5 months after the start of the relationship before discussing it.

The popular door security "Ring", has recalled three hundred and fifty thousand video doorbells that have the potential of catching fire if not installed correctly. So far, the company has received 23 reports of the system catching fire.

Photoshop apps could be killing your confidence. Researchers are saying that social media and face enhancing apps are crushing real life confidence, and they recommend taking a step back and spending less time on social media.

And, the McRib is BACK for a limited time starting December 2nd! Hurry while supplies last!