The Pandemic And Chronic Pain: Drug-Free Treatments Offer Relief

The Pandemic And Chronic Pain: Drug-Free Treatments Offer Relief

Looming beneath the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, the opioid epidemic is resurging to record numbers. The misuse of and addiction to opioids – including prescription pain medication, is a serious national crisis that affects public health as well as social and economic welfare. Over 50 million chronic pain sufferers across the United States are struggling with pain that persists for six months to often decades[i] and, unfortunately, many suffer without finding relief. Often, the source of pain is so complex, it can be very difficult to diagnose. And, because there are so many types and causes of pain, the vast range of different treatments available can be bewildering. Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons that adults seek medical care. Chronic pain has been linked to restrictions in mobility and daily activities, dependence on opioids, anxiety and depression, and poor perceived health or reduced quality of life.

Teacher, Sandy Found, is managing chronic pain. She’ll talk more about what she did to manage her pain to regain her active lifestyle, including training for a 120-mile adventure. Dr. Richard Rauck is discussing chronic pain as well as the minimally-invasive, non-drug interventional therapies available to provide relief.

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