Things to Avoid on Amazon Prime Day

Things to Avoid on Amazon Prime Day

There's a new thing many people are doing instead of the typical one night stand- they're called month long stands, and it's exactly what you think it is. These include being intimate with someone and going on dates, but still having the understanding that the relationship will go no further than that.

Mask wearing is important during the pandemic, but dentists have seen an uptick of bad breath, cavaties, tooth decay, and inflamed gums. Kimberly & ESteban are sharing some top tips for keeping your teeth and mouth healthy while also protecting others.

A new study has revealed that Covid can survive on surfaces such as bank notes, glass, and phone screen fro as long as 28 days. The flu has only been known to last on these types of surfaces for 17 days. This study adds more importance to wiping down our products often!

And, speaking of wiping down our phones, how often should we do it? The average phone user touches their phone nearly 3,000 times per day! Doctors say spraying a small amount of alcohol solution can do the trick to help disinfect your phone!

Today is Amazon Prime Day, and Kimberly and Esteban have a list of things you should avoid buying today! What are you shopping for today?