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Tips to Throw the Perfect Thanksgiving Soiree

Tips to Throw the Perfect Thanksgiving Soiree

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you know what that means? Friendsgiving parties. Friendsgiving is a great opportunity to get your friends together prior to Turkey Day to celebrate and share all the things you are thankful for. Entertaining Expert Paul Zahn joined us with some easy and fun tips !

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Tip 1: Set The Mood with Some DIY Decor

Paul demos how to use items you have around your home to create the perfect centerpiece and also table decor. Paul uses produce, old bottles and other items to create the perfect set- ting on your table runner. He also shows how to make an easy cranberry centerpiece. And tips to set a table so people are socially distanced.

Tip 2: Pot Luck This Friendsgiving Party!

Take the load off the host this Friendsgiving & go POT LUCK. As the host, you simply create a charcuterie board and a turkey dessert skewer display Paul demos how to craft the perfect cheese and meat board with elements of Thanksgiving, autumn and more. And many of these items you already have in your kitchen! (And you can even use leftover Halloween candy. Shhh!) Everyone gets their own thongs to attack the board

Tip 3: Easy Apple Cinnamon Cooler with a Personal Picture Touch

Nothing says Thanksgiving more than a tasty sipper made with cinnamon, allspice, apple, and fresh lemon & orange juice..besides maybe turkey and stuffing. Paul shows how to whip up a drink sure to impress your guests. And the garnish game is on fleek - clothes pin a pic of your friends on the glass!

Tip 4: Gratitude Pumpkin

Everyone writers something they are grateful for on a pumpkin when they arrive. The group reads all items when gathered before eating Friends- giving dinner

Tip 5: A Skinny Pumpkin Parfait

The holidays are a time when you pack on the pounds and calories but for dessert at your Friendsgiving soiree - why not craft a low sugar, protein packed pumpkin parfait. Paul demos how to create a tasty pumpkin parfait using pumpkin, Greek yogurt, and other better for you ingredients but guess what? It still tastes amazing!