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Daytime - Use all five senses for sexy Valentine’s Day dinner

Use all five senses for sexy Valentine's Day dinner

The Valentine’s Senses Dinner and Dance in El Paso will allow guests to put all five senses to the test with a sexy little dinner. Chefs will be cooking up a cooking up a sexy five-course dinner for guests. Guests will enjoy their dinner blindfolded and try to guess what they are eating. Marilu Aleman with Event Creators says this is something people can do at home for their significant other. Step one, get blindfolds! Couples can each cook up a sexy dish by playing with spices and textures such as crudité cut into cubes to disguise fruit or veggie. Meats can be cooked in a different meat sauce to add to the mystery of the dish. A good tip is to make sure the food isn’t alarmingly hot or cold, since people will be blindfolded when eating. For a DIY sensorial dinner make sure to set the ambiance with lighting, unscented candles and music. Those celebrating Valentine’s or Galentine’s in the El Paso area can make plans to attend this event. This event is not only for couples, there is seating available for singles as well.

Valentine’s Senses Dinner & Dance
Thursday, Feb. 13, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Epic Railyard Event Center
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