Where Are the Worst Cities to Drive In?

Where Are the Worst Cities to Drive In?

Fall may be right around the corner with cooler temperatures coming through Texas beginning today!

If you think your city is the worst when it comes to driving, Kimberly & Esteban have the official list of worst cities to drive in, and surprisingly, Texas was not in the top 10! A few cities in Texas did make the list of some of the best cities to drive in, including Corpus at number 3, Austin at number 14 and El Paso at number 12.

What do you prefer- Receiving a text message or a phone call? Most people say they prefer a text, especially among young people who say they prefer not to chat via phone.

And,Kimberly & Esteban just can't get enough of these trending topics-

Brad Pitt is releasing a new champagne which will set you back about $400. And, speaking of drinks, 25 years after the release of the smash hit "Gin And Juice", Snoop Dogg is finally releasing his own brand of Gin called "Indoggo Gin". The bottles will be sold first in California later this month.