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Working Out to Look Good vs. Being Healthy

Working Out to Look Good vs. Being Healthy

Four in ten fitness fanatics admit to exercising for looks rather than health with the main focus being on toning the legs and arms.

Calling all music lovers! If you're looking to expand your music playlist, Amazon Music Unlimited is being offered for $1 from its once typical monthly price of $7.99.

SNL has recently cut musical guest Morgan Walden after multiple videos of him on TikTok and Twitter showing him partying with packed crowds and kissing numerous women. Walden has since apologized.

Containers of fruit sold in 9 states (including Texas) have been recalled for possible Listeria contamination. If you purchased fruit containers between October 2nd thru now, it is best to throw them out.

People love their coffee! A new poll has found that 49% of people have become a "Quarista"- a new term deemed for an at-home Barista during the pandemic. Have you upped your coffee making skills during quarantine?