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Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Can Help Resolve Credit Card Debt and Personal Loans

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Credit card debt and personal loans have affected many people due to the Pandemic. There are ways to deal with debt, including debt consolidation, credit counseling, and debt settlement. Debt Redemption Texas Debt Relief offers multiple programs depending on the needs of their clients.

Consider a debt consolidation loan before credit counseling or debt settlement if you have credit scores higher than 720 and an excellent debt-to-income ratio. Start with your local bank since you have a history with them. If you do not have high credit scores and an excellent debt-to-income ratio, then you should look at credit counseling or debt settlement if you are struggling with high-interest credit cards or personal loans.

Credit counseling is a form of debt consolidation, and a credit score is not factored in. The primary benefit is lower interest rates around the 6 or 10 percent range with most credit cards. Another advantage is the ability to pay off the debt in 4 to 6 years, less, and the monthly cost could be lower compared to minimum payments depending on your current interest rates.

Credit counseling debt management plans may lower interest, but there is another program to negotiate down your balances. Depending on your situation, this plan might be the best option. Debt Redemption Texas Debt Relief may be able to eliminate unsecured debt such as credit cards and personal loans in as little as 24 to 48 months. Another benefit is that the monthly cost could be less than half compared to minimum payments if you pay high-interest rates.

Debt Redemption Texas Debt Relief also uses Texas resources for an exclusive Advanced Hardship Program. This program can benefit those who need protection from creditors and debt collectors with the lowest monthly cost possible. As an alternative to bankruptcy, sometimes this program is less expensive than bankruptcy and is available to Texans after meeting hardship qualifications

Debt Redemption Texas Debt Relief offers programs exclusively designed for Texans. Nearly all other companies use a standardized plan for many states. These programs may not take advantage of special consumer protections afforded by state law in Texas. Many out-of-state companies also charge very high fees, which may violate state law in Texas.

When researching a debt relief or debt management company, you should check a few items before doing business. 1. Make sure they are a registered debt management company at occc.texas.gov. It is a criminal act to offer debt management or debt relief in Texas without being registered. 2. Look up the company at bbb.org and read any complaints. You can also get an idea of how long the company has been in business by reviewing the BBB profile. 3. Ask if the company has offices in Texas. 4. Watch out for high-pressure salesman making promises that sound too good to be true. A reputable company will want to learn about your situation and explain each option's pros and cons.

Debt Redemption Texas Debt Relief offers exclusive programs to assist residents of the Lone Star State in reducing and eliminating high credit card debt and personal loans. They are Accredited with the Better Business Bureau, rated A+ and 100% veteran-owned. Ask Debt Redemption Texas Debt Relief about their lowest-fee guarantee. You can receive a consultation with a Texas Debt Specialist at no charge and no obligation by calling 800-971-4060, or you can use the contact form at debtredemption.com. While phone consultations are recommended, in-person consultations are available at some Texas office locations with social distancing measures. You can find financial freedom today with trusted help. Contact Debt Redemption now and leave your debt behind.

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