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D.I.Y. Comfy Pallet Patio Seating

D.I.Y. Comfy Pallet Patio Seating

Thanks to El Paso interior designer, Tatiana Fader, your outdoor patio and balcony is about to get a “glow up” with little to no money. First, you'll need some free pallets. And yes, FREE pallets will be the base of this project. Wooden pallets can be found at restaurants, supermarkets, and hardware and paint stores. Find a manager at one of these local businesses and ask if you can help yourself to some!

For this particular DIY you will need:

wooden pallets (48X40)


throw blanket

2 outdoor cushions

outdoor pillows

1) Start with as many pallets as you’d like for your length and height preference. For El Paso correspondent Amy’s small balcony, 4 stacked pallets were enough.
2) Using sandpaper, be sure to sand corners and top pallet to make smooth and safe.
3) Once sanding is completed, toss a throw blanket over the stacked pallets.
4) Place the outdoor cushions on top and pile on as many pillows as you’d like.

Voila! You now have one more comfy space to retreat to while you work from home. Add some flowers and greenery to the space to tie it all up and enjoy!

For more information and inspiration on home updates follow Tatiana on Instagram: @urbanoak_designco