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Financial Resolutions

Saving money and getting in shape are the top two resolutions every year. Jeanette Pavini is the two-time Emmy award-winner and author of “The Joy of $aving: Money Lessons I Learned from my Italian-American Father & Twenty Years as a Consumer Reporter.” Shares her advice.

Hidden Secrets to Saving: Look beyond the typical ways to save in 2021. Here are 3 examples of ways to save money that most consumers don’t utilize.

Add these practices into your saving strategy plan:

Price Adjustments: When you purchase something and the item goes down in price within a certain period of time, usually 10-14 days) many larger stores will give you back the difference between what you paid and the new sale price back. All you need is the receipt.

Ask for a Raincheck: If an item you want is on sale but out of stock, simply ask for a raincheck so that when the item comes back into stock you can get it at the sale price.

Ask for the Discount: Military, veterans, seniors and teachers are just some examples of groups that often times are offered additional discounts. For example, teachers discounts throughout the year. You can find deals at your local GAP stores. Take advantage of every possible opportunity to save money!