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Home Eye Safety Month draws awareness to home eye injuries

Dr. Marc Ellman, an ophthalmologist with the Southwest Eye Institute, said your eyes deserve the utmost care.

October is Home Eye Safety Month, which was created to bring attention to injuries that happen at home to the eyes.

Each year, over 2 million eye injuries happen at home. Some of the most common injuries are caused by bungee cords.

Ellman said wearing a good pair of safety goggles while working with items that can ricochet and harm your eyes is recommended.

Eye protection is key when hanging a picture, gardening or even working with detergents -- not just during heavy construction.

And if you do injure your eyes when working:

Don’t rub your eye(s).

If it’s chemical exposure, rinse your eye(s) immediately.

If it’s a minor injury, skip the emergency room, and call the Southwest Eye Institute at 915-276-2020. Staff there can take care of your injury right away.