Southwest Exteriors $25K Home Makeover

Southwest Exteriors $25K Home Makeover

Southwest Exteriors is bringing the ultimate exterior remodeling experience to San Antonio.They offer services from replacement windows and siding to beautifying exterior surface coatings, Southwest Exteriors will deliver your perfect renovation solution. Kimberly had a chance to speak with Steve McNary, Team Leader at Southwest Exteriors, about their Hometown Hero nominations for a $25K Home Makeover and how you can nominate someone TODAY!

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Do You Know Someone Going Above and Beyond In Your Community?

Share the Story of an Inspiring Neighbor, Friend or Family Member and They Can Win a $25,000 Home Makeover by SWE!

outhwest Exteriors is partnering with their suppliers to honor those in the San Antonio communities who are truly making a difference.

Throughout the month of May we will be recognizing your Hometown Hero or someone in needed based on their feats, charity, or sacrifice for their neighbors.

Do you know someone deserving of a $25,000 Home Makeover? In a few sentences or paragraphs, please share their story!