Toy Expert Kathleen Tomes (SBG Photo)

Spring's Hottest Toys

There will be no toy fair this year because of the pandemic but luckily our Toy Expert Kathleen Tomes has you covered with 2021's hottest releases.

GoPop! Roundo
The original popping came that you can pop n’ play anywhere
Play the fun logic game called Last One Lost
Soothing fidget toy
6 colors + new tie dye special edition
$9.99 each
Ages 5+

USA Toyz
AstroShot GSX
Gravity-defying target practice, anytime, anywhere
Flip the switch to activate, adjust the airflow, load the blaster and have fun
Includes 1 glow-in-the-dark target shooting gallery, 1 foam dart gun, 10 hovering ball targets, 10 foam darts, 5 knockdown targets and 1 USB cable
Ages 6+

Pretend Play Homeschool Teacher Set
Everything kids need to be the teacher!
Includes: Premium handbag, Whiteboard with dry erase markers, Flashcards, Wall posters, Bell, Magnetic numbers, And more!
Ages 4+

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Garden Picnic Magna-Tiles
Hands on learning about the life cycle of a butterfly as the hungry caterpillar eats his way through the picnic
Kids will come up with different play patterns by assembling the tiles
All tiles can be used to create a picnic, help the Caterpillar find his path to the food or the Caterpillars cocoon for his change into a Spring Butterfly. The possibilities are endless.
Ages 3+

GO! Learn to Build Vehicles
Teaches kids to make a car and trailer, motorcycle and more!
Features 2 baseplates and 9 wheels with 360 pieces
Ages 5+

Power Your Fun
Fun Fort Glow
Build amazing giant structures that glow in the dark
Includes 15 - 7” rods and 2” balls
To activate glow-in-the-dark feature, expose the structures to light prior to use in the dark
Ages 4+