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Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage

It's been a tough year for everyone especially married couples who have not only become co-workers but co-teachers and 24/7 roommates. Here with tips on how to strengthen your marriage during this time is DR. John Delony

Don’t Give Up

  • Marriages are struggling right now- we’re coworkers, co-earners, while still attractive and attentive
  • Some are looking to go when they need to stay put (as long as you’re safe)
  • Getting a divorce after this year is like getting divorced in the middle of a fire drill
  • Pause and be vulnerable

Practice Intimacy

  • Forget rom coms, real intimacy is something you practice
  • Intimacy isn’t just running to the bedroom
  • It’s about finding ways to make each other’s lives better
  • Ask your spouse the way they need to be loved and become the best at it
  • Two ways to practice intimacy:
    oAsk: what do you need from me?
    oShare: what I need from you

Prioritize Self-Care

  • Self-care is not selfish, it’s important to our emotional well-being
  • You can’t show up for your family when you’re fried
  • (oxygen analogy) It’s restoration, not escape
  • It’s not the end result, it’s so you can show up for you family
  • Adopt daily practices to recalibrate your mind

Abandon the Kids

  • Your marriage identity is separate from the kids
  • Reprioritize your marriage first
  • Start dating again, find things just for you and your spouse to do

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