Virtual animal encounters offered by the San Antonio Zoo (Photos provided by the San Antonio Zoo)

San Antonio Zoo offering virtual tours, Zoom appearances

The San Antonio Zoo will begin offering visitors and supporters the opportunity to get virtual behind-the-scenes tours and even birthday messages from the animals.

Virtual behind-the-scenes tours are available starting at $30 and a Zoom link for groups of up to six. Visitors can get an up-close look at the fan-favorite hippos, Timothy and Uma, as well the okapi, giraffes, rhinos and more.

Want to send a special birthday or anniversary announcement? The San Antonio Zoo can help with that, too. For $75, the zoo will record a personalized message featuring an animal that you can send to family and friends.

The zoo is also offering 10 and 15-minute animal appearances for team Zoom meetings starting at $100.

The pandemic caused a significant drop in revenue for the zoo, which has said that it depends heavily on the revenue generated by gate admission to keep it in operation.

For more information about the San Antonio Zoo's new virtual offers, click here.